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Soundaware A280III network player

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Normale Prijs: € 1.700,00

Special Price € 1.590,00

Will be shipped woensdag, oktober 28 when ordered within 9 hours and 57 minutes!



Soundaware A280 (NEW 2016!) - a digital player, which is based on the patented technology of high-quality playback of Soundaware. This technology is based on the use of FPGA and two generators for a tuft dekadirovaniya audio files, while providing a very high quality reproduction and minimal jitter.

The CPU in Soundaware A280 is completely isolated from the audio signal processing (operation FPGA and shred-generators), thus providing the best sound quality. The DAC of the CS4398 chip is used.

Scheme of Soundaware A280


Network player Soundaware A280 plays DSD64 files without conversion to PCM format and without the use of any filter that ensures the most accurate reproduction of the format.

The A280 uses fully balanced operation and balanced circuit LPF (which is much better than unbalanced LPF). As a result of THD + N rate reaches a level of less than 0.00067%! Equally low figure is crosstalk.

All signals after the digital-to-analog conversion is processed operational amplifiers OPA2604.

Scheme Soundaware A280


In Soundaware A280 very closely study the issue of food: Use high-quality indoor transformer with double shielding and complete system voltage stabilization.

Transformer Soundaware A280

A280 is available in three versions:

Embodiment I - has no built-in amplifier for headphones, digital inputs: coaxial and optical outputs coaxial.

Option II - with built-in headphone amplifier, digital inputs: There are no digital outputs: coaxial and optical.

Option III - a headphone amplifier, digital inputs: coaxial and optical outputs coaxial.


Select the device, the most suitable for you.

You can also use Soundaware A280 with CD-transport Soundaware CD-the One , play CD's and completely copy them to your hard drive.

Soundaware A280 housing is made of aluminum (CNC), and the front panel depending on the lighting may be gray or silver.

You can play music from an SD card, a variety of USB drives, NAS and so on. Any installed application on your phone, tablet, or computer will enable remote control of playback A280. Implemented support for devices running Android OS and iOS.

Playing with Soundaware A280

You can also listen to various Internet radio stations and cloud services using multiple applications for devices running Android OS.

You just need to install it on your mobile or tablet app Bubble UPnP (licensed version for 140 rubles) and XiiaLive (free). The latter application - it is just a collection of a variety of Internet radio. Run it, select the desired radio station and play ... has begun!

Plus the app Bubble UPNP supports services:



Google Music, Drive, +







a SD card (theoretical maximum of 2 Tb, tested up to 128 GB, FAT and NTFS (ExFat not supported), Grade 2, Grade 4, Grade 10, and others)

USB flash drive, USB external drive (a USB interface supports up to 4 TB, while working together - 2TB, FAT and NTFS, USB 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 support Power supply 500 mA for each input.)

Up to 32-bit / 192 kHz (PCM), DSD64 (only 32 bits are kept in integer mode)

Support for the Russian language in the folder and file name



FLAC: 32kHz ~ 192kHz, all compression level

APE: 32KHz ~ 48KHz, compression level below Extra High

WAV: 32KHz ~ 192KHz

AAC: 44.1KHz, normal compression level

ALAC: 44.1KHz

MP3: 44.1KHz, normal compression level

AIFF: 44.1KHz, normal compression level

DSD64 (DSF, DFF, SACD ISO, without compression DST)



Support for other formats will be added later with the release of new firmware


Playing without pauses (with firmware 2.7.0)

Remote control

Managing your smartphone and iphone (Android and ios), 100 Mbps, NAS support (SAMBA), UPnP / DLNA V1.5

Airplay support



Digital outputs:

Coaxial (RCA) - to 24-bit / 192 kHz (0.5V pp), DSD64 (DoP)


Digital inputs:

Coaxial (RCA) - to 24-bit / 192 kHz

Optical - to 24-bit / 96 kHz


Analog outputs:

XLR - 2.39 Vrms

RCA - 2.39 Vrms (THD + N: <= 0.003% @ 44.1 kHz, 1 kHz DS3)


Headphone Amplifier - 11 Vrms (THD + N: <= 0.002% @ 44.1 kHz, 1 kHz DS3)

Output power: 400 mW / 600 ohms, 800 mW / 300 ohms, 2.4 watts / 100 ohms, 4 watts / 32 Ohm


Klock generator 10 kHz = -157 dbc / hz, 1 kHz = -152 dbc / hz, 10 Hz = -110 dbc / hz


Power: AC 230V 50/60 Hz


Weight: 6 kg

Size: 305 * 240 * 103 mm


Options: power cable, RJ-45 cable, remote control, SD card to 16 GB

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Soundaware A280III network player

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