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Soundaware D-200 - high-performance, Good-sound, simple, practical digital transport system

Normale Prijs: € 699,00

Special Price € 599,00

Beschikbaarheid: on stock 16 february



According to what we've learned, nearly half the D100 PRO users only use its RCA coaxial output decoder. Other more advanced and powerful features have not been used because of decoder or other actual situations. So these users only use the most basic functions of D100 PRO, that is the most basic sound effect. Given this and in order to make more music enthusiasts and music lovers can enjoy the effect of D100 PRO at a lower cost, SOUNDAWARE introduces D200 digital transport system then.
D100 PRO description
Based on the latest D100 PRO Basic, D200 remove some not commonly used modules of D100 PRO such as IIS output, AES output, BNC output, word clock output, thereby reducing some costs. The RCA coaxial and fiber optic of D200 is the same as the latest D100 PRO Basic.
D200 uses the same materials as the latest D100 PRO Basic. Due to a sharp reduction on output function, it's possible to get exactly the same digital output quality with a smaller PCM. D200 is among the few products at 3000 yuan while using top power system, including Talema top transformer, reference level linear regulator chip, high-frequency low-impedance tantalum capacitor, one of the best Ruby capacitor, COG capacitor, all gold-plated connector, etc. So D200 is a high-performance, Good-sound, simple, practical digital transport system. Its sound quality is the same as D100 PRO's, that is elegant, natural, moderate, alive and fresh.
200 will be shipped with the latest firmware V2.4.X. The new firmware is more powerful on user experience in comparison with V2.3.9. More important is that D200 is not only able to control its playback through network, but also is a versatile network digital sound card regardless of DSD, PCM or CUE. The key point is that the sound quality will be not influenced by PC, tablet, mobile phone and its power. Detailed features of the new firmware will be introduced when it's released.
The new firmware of D200 is no longer a shortage for DSD playback. If you do not use a network sound card(network sound card feature requires tablet or PC), the coaxial port can output DSD DOP data for an external decoder to DSD decoding. If you use network sound card, the player in tablet or PC will convert lossless audio into 24bit 176.4KHz PCM data for D200 to play in real time and achieve the same effect as DSD decoder without the use of an external DAC.
As a high-fidelity audio playback platform, D200 is not limited to the current functionality. With the firmware constantly enhance, the follow-up upgrades will include direct CD playback, precise CD ripping playback, even webcasts and much more. This is also the true direction for high-fidelity digital streaming player, an integration of love, home, convenience, simplicity, powerfulness and practicality.
1 Supported formats (Firmware V2.3.9)
1)Remote control mode
The following formats only support stereo music between 16 and 32bit (integer only for 32bit)
FLAC: 32kHz ~ 192kHz, all compression level
APE: 32KHz ~ 48KHz, compression level below Extra High
WAV: 32KHz ~ 192KHz
AAC: 44.1KHz, normal compression level
ALAC: 44.1KHz
MP3: 44.1KHz, normal compression level
AIFF: 44.1KHz, normal compression level
DSD (DSD64, non-DST compression)
2)DLNA/UPnP (through phones, tablet, PC, local push)
Firmware V2.4.X will support more comprehensive PCM, DSD types of music formats besides the formats supported by remote control.
2 Supported languages
Three system languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
Fourteen display languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Arabic, Greek
3 Input interface description
SD*1: Support class2, class4, class10 and other common SD cards. Theoretical maximal 2TB, measured 128GB. Support FAT32 and NTFS formats.
USB*2(500mA*2): Support USB1.0, USB1.1, USB2.0, compatible with USB3.0. Support maximal 3TB hard disk, maximal 2TB for each partition.
Network: 100Mbps full duplex. Support NAS (Samba), UPnP / DLNA.
Power: 230V or 115V (see specific chassis identification), 50 ~ 60HZ.
4 Output interface description
RCA coaxial: 0.5V p-p. Support 16~25bit, 44.1KHz~192KHz PCM output. Support DSD64 DOP output.
Fiber output: Support 16 ~ 24bit, 44.1KHz ~ 96KHz PCM output.
5 Index of key clock
 Clock phase noise (22.5792MHZ, 24.576MHZ)
10Hz  <-105dbc/Hz (measured -110dbc/Hz)
1KHz  <-145dbc/Hz (measured -152dbc/Hz)
100KHz  <-155dbc/Hz (measured -157dbc/Hz)
6 Accessories
Remote control * 1
Network cable * 1
SD * 1 (16GB)
Power cord * 1 (Chinese GB)
Manual * 1
Warranty card * 1
7 Others
Power consumption: <15W (without the USB hard disk), standby <= 5W (excluding USB hard disk)
Machine size: 240 * 103 * 305mm (W * H * D)
Weight (with packaging): ~ 5kg

Klant Recensies

"high-performance, Good-sound, simple, practical digital transport system" they said.... Recensie door Romain
"high-performance, Good-sound, simple, practical digital transport system" they said.... and that's true!

The D200 is very easy : easy to use, and it play music easily, smoothly. The construction is solid and clean, the screen is good (not too small).
The thing i like the most is that with the D200, i feel no restriction in the sound, he is transparent, the source is not brake in the system. You can forget he is running as he is , there is just the music.

I have some trouble with cover album on the screen, i hope sonority will help me on that (no pictures of my cover arts when i play music on upnp).

The D200 is better with good power cable, and good network setup (optical birdge, or good )ethernet cable .

i like it! (Verzonden op 13-11-2015)

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Soundaware D-200 - high-performance, Good-sound, simple, practical digital transport system

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